• Design & Development of the Magic Link for the Kona Coilair Bike (Demo to the Left)
  • Design of the Kona D.O.P.E system for use on the Coilair, Stinky, and Stab Bikes.
  • Design of Floating Brake For Trek , for use on '05 Session 77 Bikes
  • Design of Floating Brakes for Kona DH team, culminating in 2004 World DH Championship with Fabien Barel.
  • Design of OE Floating Brake for Trek used on production Diesel DH Bikes 2nd place in 2004 World DH Championship With Mio Suimesa
  • Design of production damper for Proflex/K2 bike company
  • Design of Prototype Air Shock for Cannondale, featuring adjustable Compression and Rebound Damping as well as adjustable Air volume.

Design and Engineering Services are available to Auto Racing Teams and Factory Racing Programs

Every customer is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Every project is treated with the same attention to detail and quality. Available services include complete chassis design, suspension design, Damper design, Component Design and aerodynamic design and development Also available are complete trackside services, including race engineering, data acquisition, and troubleshooting and development of existing designs. Company founder Brian Berthold has extensive experience in every aspect of race car design. From entire chassis design, tube frames, monocoque tubs, suspension geometry and construction, to aerodynamic development, Berthold has been successful in Formula 1, Indy car, Prototype sports cars and off road rally/racing. In addition, extensive trackside experience and race engineering has allowed him to evaluate and develop designs in real world racing conditions, unlike some designers who never get to see or evaluate their designs in an actual racing environment.

Therapy Components Design and Engineering Services are available to Manufacturers of Bicycles and High Quality Components.

Previous Bicycle projects include: